Birmingham Agent Population

There is a great predicament in Erdington according to a research conducted by Estate Agent Birmingham. Average of an Erdington person is 35.3 years compared to the West Midlands which are 39.3 years old. This shows that the population growth is growing according to the number of homes being bought in this region; this has been proven by Estate Agent Birmingham home brokers. This could be attributed to fairly high birth rate, longer life expectancy and high net immigration thus contributing to burgeoning house prices and house shortages thus encroachment of slums. Future forecast of population conducted by Durham University prove that the population could generally rise to 1,282,723 in Erdington area alone by 2036. Over 80,000 additional new properties should be constructed in the Birmingham City council area over the next 20 years in order to accommodation the ratio of people to property which is at 2 to 1 in UK today.

Long Term Effects

Tackling the house crisis in the short term while still focusing on population growth cannot be done since it is important to play in long-term housing strategy and development in this region. Lack of properties coming onto the market, lack of new properties being built in this area and rising demand of rented property which is expensive is a result of the rise Birmingham’s in property values over the last six years since the credit crunch. The issue of accumulative demand from population growth is always overlooked although many talk about the need in improving supply.

Competition Growth

A provision of more competition for the young people than the mature population is seen in the swift population growth over the last thirty years. With only two percent used for housing it may surprise you that 98% of all the land in UK is commercial, agricultural or industrial. This therefore means that people could file complaints on expanding supply to meet the ever expanding population by constructing a green belt especially where the demand is eminent.

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